My Biography
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Who Am I ???

My Name is Rami Eid.

Born under the loud gun barrels of the 1976 Lebanese Brutal Civil War I had
a longing for Peace and Love, a longing to be different and make a change. I went to
school to St. Joseph’s when most schools were not running as should be. I grew up in
a society where values were altered occasionally by outsiders and even insiders for
personal and lewd benefits “For if a priest be foul, on whom we trust, No wonder is
a lewd man to rust. “ --Chaucer. The whole country was in a mess our lives
were forsaken.

While still at school I was attracted to arts, cinematography- the seventh art, music and
the Child’s secret garden, where nobody dared to intrude or violate. I had part time jobs
in Children’s Parks and other party organizing firms until I established my own Events
Animation and Balloon decoration company “Party Mania” which successfully boomed.
At the same time and while studying and running my company I acted in various Children’s
Plays in the country and for a short while co-hosted a Child’s TV program “Kid’s Club”
on the country’s national TV station Tele Liban. That was until I served the mandatory
Military Service for my country when a hard decision had to be taken which led to stopping
all my other activities including my own Small Business. In the year 1998 I earned
a Diploma in Cinematographic Sciences from the Academy Of Technical Sciences
and in 1999 a Diploma in Directing and Acting from Al Tarakki Institute.

In September 1999, I joined the UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon )
a Finance Clerk. At the same time I was working on improving my computer skills and
self-educating myself driven by a strong passion to the amazing world of technology.

In September 2001 I was selected to serve on loan from UNIFIL, in the MONUC
the peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a PCIU
(Property Control and Inventory Unit) assistant. This was the first time for me to
travel in an airplane, a very exciting experience at that time. In May 2004, I was
offered another contract from UNHQ New York to keep on performing the same
duties that I did since I arrived to the CONGO. Accepting the offer I resigned from
UNIFIL in Lebanon and am now officially a United Nations International Peacekeeper
thus accomplishing one of my so many dreams to be accomplished …

In a few months and if all goes well I will be establishing my private company back home
for importing various kinds of Hi-Tech equipments, electronics and Gadgets and might
be resigning from the UN. I will also be launching my online e-commerce outlet as soon as the work on it is complete.

I speak three languages fluently Arabic, English and French.
My interests and hobbies include traveling, photography, playing guitar,
following up on all technological inventions, software testing, driving sports
cars, playing table tennis and skiing.

My family is living in Lebanon my father, mother, brother and sister.

On the 19th of July 2003 I was married to the love of my life an on the
12 th of September 2004 our daughter “JOY” came to life.
She transformed our Love into a family.